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The Nailsworth Brewery

Commercial brewing has returned to Nailsworth after a period of 96 Years in the form of a six-barrel micro brewery which is located at the Village Inn Public House. One of the top 12 pubs in the country (Real Ale Pub Guide 2009).

But what is a micro-brewery and what does the six barrel bit mean? Well, as the name suggests, it is a 'small' or 'minute' (Collins Concise Dictionary) brewery. And as for the 6 barrels, it has nothing to do with casks or kegs, but the unit of measurement used to denote the volume of beer a brewery can brew in a single brew. A 'barrel' equates to 36 gallons (288 pints) or 163.66 litres (if you are that way inclined). So a six barrel-brewery means that we can brew 216 gallons (1,728 pints) or 981.96 litres in a single brew. This might sound a lot, but within the brewing industry we are still 'small' beer!

So what is our mandate? Well fortunately, we have no accountants in the brewery, so:

  1. We brew using Nailsworth's spring water, malt, hops & yeast and nothing else.
  2. We only use the finest of ingredients (which are naturally more expensive).
  3. We cram as much flavour as we can (more of those expensive ingredients) into every pint we brew
  4. We promise never to brew a bland, mediocre, middle of the road, also ran of a beer.